Staycation Station Snessa Family Games
Sims 4, speed build

Sims 4 Speed Build: Staycation Station


I made my first speed build video in the Sims 4.  The sounds a little harsh on the voice-over work, but I’m still learning about this whole process and I’m struggling a little bit with the audio aspect.  There are just hours of video that we’ve made that have had terrible audio issues.  So, yeah.  This one is at least tolerable to listen to, and I’m really proud of the build itself, so it’s up.  We’ll only improve from here!!

Anyway, here’s the video.  Enjoy!

There should be a blog of some sort about the build as well.  I’ll link to it here when I’m done with it.  That way, the audio won’t keep you from the glory of the house.  Hahaha!!

Check back for more Sims 4 builds, as well as Let’s Plays.  I’ve got one, Gidget Lucille, started (see home page for part 1), but another one is on the way.  I got really creative on the next one, too.


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