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Roblox Let’s Play: Robot Factory Tycoon

Today’s Let’s Play blog is going to feature a really cool game we found in Roblox called Robot Factory Tycoon.

For those of you who don’t know, Roblox is a website geared for kids that you can visit, create an avatar, and play tons of custom made games online.  Check it out here:

There are lots of different types of games on the site: obby courses, speed runs, role playing, survive the disaster, tycoons, etc.

One of our favorite types of game to play together are the tycoons.  With these games, you’re usually building a themed factory.  You earn money to buy upgrades.  Upgrade the conveyor belt and buy dispensers to earn money faster.

Roblox Robot Factory Tycoon
The robot heads to the left are the “product” that earns you money in the game.

Buy stands, weapons and gear.

Gear stands to the left and back of building as well as on upper floors.

Upgrade walls, windows, and doors to keep other players (or your son) from walking in and testing their gear on you.

Roblox Let's Play: Robot Factory Tycoon
Like this.

It’s pretty fun.  And this particular map was especially gorgeous.

Snessa Family Gaming
The glowing trees and the rocky shore with the lake look amazing.

By default, each player has a giant fist in their inventory.  It’s really useful for walking around the map faster.Snessa Family Games

There were other weapons and suits that you could unlock, but the fist was my favorite.  You could punch someone to pieces with one blow, which made defending the factory much easier.  I tried on a few other items, but my hair clipped through a lot of them.


This one is my favorite combo, though.

Roblox robot suit and giant fist

One of the best parts of this tycoon setup was the money bags laying around.  Starting out is slow going because you only get one machine to make money with.  A lot of the tycoon games put a button on this first machine that you can spam on to crank out some cash, but this is actually pretty hard on the ol’ arms.  The money bags was a great solution.  No arm shattering spamming, plenty of reasons to explore the map, plenty of opportunities to interact with other players without being annoying in their factories, and the bags pay enough to be worth the time to go gather them up.

Gaming with the Snessa Family
Guarding a money bag so TornadMadness can snag it.

When you get the bag, it gives you a random amount of cash and all these dollar signs float around you.  It’s a pretty good effect.

Mom and son killing it at video games.
Perfectly timed screenshot: getting the cash and giant fist bumps.

I won’t reveal all the features of the game, but I will say this: There’s a rocket ship.

And you don’t have to wait very long to get it.  And if you play using Robux (in game money you have to pay real money to get) there’s a secret zone you can unlock.  We didn’t end up buying it, but someone in our server did. He guarded it well when we tried to sneak up there, so we didn’t see much.

You can check out this Roblox tycoon by following this link: Robot Factory Tycoon

TornadoMadness blasting off to a super secret section of the map.

Have you played this map?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below with your impression of the game.  You can also check us out on our YouTube channel Snessa Family Games for more Let’s Play adventures in Roblox and many other games.






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