Painter's Mini Victorian: A Sims 4 Speed Build with CC Links.
Sims 4, speed build

Painter Mini Vic

Last week’s video was a Rustic Kitchen , and a bit of a departure from the starter home series that I’ve been doing. I’m trying to space the series out a bit, because it’s fun and I don’t have an idea to replace it just yet. Plus, making rooms lets me get in deep with the clutter, which is one of my favorite parts.

02-17-18_7-11-27 AM.jpg

This week, we’re back on track with the Painter’s Mini Victorian, the CC infused counter to the Painter’s Base Game Starter posted two weeks ago.

About the Build:

Going into it, I had a few ideas, but for the most part the Victorian aspect of the house came together organically. I wanted an old house that was bound to have character, lots of windows, but where living space was a bit more limited.

02-17-18_7-12-57 AM.jpg

Smaller builds is a challenge I’ve been setting for myself, because I want to think more mindfully about how space is used. The living room and kitchen reflect that with this build. Tucking the counters under the stairs, and cramming the seating, storage, and entertainment into the living room were quite challenging.

02-17-18_7-12-04 AM.jpg

Full disclosure: the kitchen doesn’t really work with this build. I was going to go in and fix it, but I’m trying to set boundaries with myself so that I actually finish things. I think the problem is a lack of counter space for food prep, though. It should be easy to fix if you download it. The counter by the refrigerator is an end piece and could be switched out for a normal counter. That should do the trick.

02-17-18_7-16-26 AM.jpg

I was so focused on making a smaller house, that I forgot to put on the bathroom. Once I went and added it though, it was my favorite room in the build. The shower pops against that purple wall, and I love that the sink will let you stack stuff on it.

02-17-18_7-16-54 AM.jpg

Side Note: The majority of the artsy clutter came from two sources: Kardofe and Soloriya. Their stuff packs were the reason I was so excited to get started on this build.

02-17-18_7-11-57 AM.jpg

The artist who lives in this house is there to paint, so the walls needed to be covered in art, the house needed to be a statement. This Sim organizes their mind by building collages on the walls.

02-17-18_7-16-07 AM.jpg

Art is restorative; it is coping through expression and mindful cultivation of skill. The house needed to reflect sanctuary as much as inspiration. It was a delightful challenge to find a balance in that regard. I think that is partially why the color scheme downstairs is light while the colors upstairs are bold.

02-17-18_7-17-47 AM.jpg

The pumpkin orange is also a bit of a tribute to our old house. Almost the first thing we did when we moved in was paint the living room pumpkin orange. It was like that for seven years, and I loved every minute. Dark brown curtains hung on both walls, with dark brown wood accents on the trim and flooring. It was a lot for one room, but it was also warm in there. We spend years as a family hanging out in there, making art in there.

02-17-18_7-18-31 AM.jpg

We moved at the end of last year, so I wanted to pay a little homage to the orange room and the start of my interior design dabbling. I know from experience that a bright orange room is a great room to create in.

02-17-18_7-19-03 AM.jpg

So, if the bedroom/studio reflects our tastes of old, the balcony is definitely there as a way of looking forward. Mostly because I’d love to have a potted garden dressing up my own porch until it became a mindfulness sanctuary. In tying this to the game, I picture a Sim who needs to be surrounded by nice things. Things that breath their own forms of breathe. Plants, paintings, momentos, that type of stuff.

02-17-18_7-19-27 AM.jpg

How to Find This House on The Sims 4:

I’ve uploaded the house to the gallery in game. You can search for it by looking for the Painter’s Mini Vic. Make sure to include the cc option in the advanced search options. You can also find all of my creations by searching for LadySnessa and peeping my profile. Add me as a friend on there and I’ll friend back.

Custom Content Links:

Sims 4 Speed Build: Rustic Country Kitchen. Slightly retro, definitely home to an avid baker, and draped in greens, this kitchen is a hub of homely activity. CC links in the blog.
Sims 4, speed build

The Sims 4: Rustic Kitchen Speed Build W/ CC Links

Hello, everyone! First, let me apologize for being a day late with the video and blog. I’ve been struggling with a sudden influx of excessive free time, and fell into a rabbit hole of coping yesterday. You can see what I spent the day on at my Instagram: LadySnessa

Today’s TS4 speed build is a retro kitchen that clearly belongs to a family of bakers. Or at least one really prolific baker. The build was envisioned to feature the Rustic Romance stuff pack from Plumbobteasociety.

02-26-18_12-56-42 PM.jpg

If you haven’t seen the pack yet, check it out. It comes with a ton. of. stuff. Things like plants, wreaths and garlands with lights, tables, cakes, candles, and lanterns. Also included (though not really utilized by me in gameplay yet) are hair and outfit choices for CAS.

02-26-18_12-45-03 PM.jpg

I envisioned this kitchen as being some place full of history and happenings. Probably part of a large farmhouse with a large, very active family inside. Someone in the house loves to bake and has been baking nonstop lately.

02-26-18_12-52-48 PM.jpg

Maybe they’re preparing for a wedding. The way the kitchen is draped in greens from outside says country kitchen and wedding prep for sure, but maybe it’s almost the holidays. Who knows?

02-26-18_12-51-32 PM.jpg

One of my favorite touches in the room is the boots by the fire. I picture a farmer coming inside after a hard day of physical labor and sitting right there by the fire to relax.

02-26-18_12-55-05 PM.jpg

Or maybe it’s someone coming in from the garden. I picture there being an extensive garden as part of the complete house. Hence, the plants in cans scattered all around the room. Over the kitchen sink are plants in cans stacked in decorative buckets. These, I would assume, are the beginnings of the next generation of garden life.

The Maine Inspiration for This Build:

Because I am from Maine, and used to work for a wreath store, all the pine inspired decor really speaks to me. The idea that all of the greenery draped around this room could have been gathered by hand is thrilling to me. It’s kind of a tradition around here; something called a cottage industry. People prune the trees in the ample forests (it’s called tipping) and then sell the tips to wreath making companies who ship wreaths to people around the holidays.

02-26-18_12-55-58 PM.jpg

What I love about the practice is that it is born of practical purposes. Logging and forestry are among the oldest industries here in Maine, and tipping keeps the trees healthy. This seasonal side industry of wreath making is born out of Maine’s long history of hard work and careful preservation of its natural resources.

02-26-18_12-50-29 PM.jpg

I think that is why I went so overboard with that element in this kitchen. It just really felt like home to add that touch. Plus, the greens hanging from the chandeliers was just a really awesome touch on the content creators’ part. Well done.

02-26-18_12-42-56 PM.jpg

One last thing to note is that there are some inconsistencies with the pictures. You’ll see in the video that I ended up going in at some point and taking the succulent planter out from under the giant picture by the entrance. I like the ladder and cake display there better. Sometimes, it’s hard to stop puttering around with these builds.

02-26-18_12-53-00 PM.jpg

Okay, now onto the admin bits. This room has been uploaded to the gallery on the Sims 4. You can find it by searching for Rustic Kitchen (make sure to include cc in the Advanced Search tab). You can also find it by searching up LadySnessa under the EA id tab in the search bar.

As always, the CC list is as complete as I could make it. I am really careful and organized, but I’m sure there are some things that fall through the cracks. Also, everything I link to I have downloaded myself with no problems, but I can’t promise there aren’t nasty things attached to the links.

CC for Rustic Kitchen (The Sims 4):

Made with Base Game only build materials, this house is customized to an artist Sim. Check out the screenshots in the blog.
Sims 4, speed build

The Sims 4 Speed Build: Painter Base Game Starter Home

03-07-18_6-23-28 PM.jpgHello, everyone! Welcome back to the Snessa Family Blog. This week’s Sims 4 speed build is from the Base Game Starter series that I’ve been doing, and it’s the painter’s house. So, it’s a house worth fewer than 20,000 Simoleons that has been specialized to a specific skill or career.

This house isn’t my favorite. I went into it with a bit of an attitude problem. I had a great idea for the custom content version of the house for this skill, and wanted to get this one over with a little bit. It’s possible that there was a bit of a confidence crisis over trying to get it done.03-07-18_6-42-51 PM.jpg

Okay, it was a lot of the confidence thing. Making this house, I told myself I had to do everything differently than I usually do. It needed to be more modern, with a flat, green roof, and it needed a unique bathroom.

For some reason, I decided there needed to be a really weird bathroom. Like, since I’m going out of my comfort zone, might as well go extra with it. So, I tucked it off into the corner of the loft and added lots of windows and no door. Why not?03-19-18_9-50-27 AM.jpg

It honestly wouldn’t suck to take a nice bath looking out those windows, though. Especially as an artist. And I like how the sink corner turned out.03-07-18_6-44-25 PM.jpg

I wanted there to be artwork in the house for the Sim to view in hopes of getting them inspired for painting. If you use the show hidden objects cheat, you can get all those postcards that I used to build the collage by the bed. It’s a budget friendly way of decorating, but I don’t know how it works with the game. Do they have any emotion auras?03-07-18_6-44-42 PM.jpg

Downstairs, I set up a painting corner by the front windows. There’s an island with seating for eating and a nice couch, but no TV. Probably should have added a radio or something, but I didn’t so…

As far as the kitchen, it’s pretty standard. The plant and bookshelf area could be reconfigured to add more dining space or something, but I like the way it looks with the large cactus. 04-02-18_12-48-06 PM.jpg

My favorite part of the downstairs is the little nook with the table and the paintings. That’s cute.04-02-18_12-48-15 PM.jpg

Outside is pretty minimal. I left a little space off to the side where you could add a grill and some seating. Maybe even put in a door by that cactus. I don’t know. The way the second level hangs out over the first is pretty cool. Using columns is new to me, but I like the way they look.

I did remember to make sure that there were skill books on the counters and lot traits set to artist friendly ones before I uploaded it into the Sims 4 gallery. You can find all my shared builds in the gallery by searching for LadySnessa in the gallery id search.

Check out the build video here:

The Sims 4 Speed Build Custom Content Series: Goth Geek Studio Apartment - Read about the inspiration behind the design, get cc links, and check out the killer screenshots.
Sims 4, speed build

The Sims 4 Speed Build: Goth Geek Studio Apartment (With Custom Content)

The Sims 4 Speed Build Custom Content Series: Goth Geek Studio Apartment - Read about the inspiration behind the design, get cc links, and check out the killer screenshots.Hello again!  Welcome to another Snessa Family blog.  Today’s is another speed build from the Sims 4.  This build is the complimentary one to the build from last week: the Writer’s Base Game Starter.  Where the first one was a base game only build, this one is full of custom content, has no budget limit, and was more inspired by the cool artwork I found than by the original goal of making a house fit for a writer.

But folks, it turned out amazing.  See the video here:

The person I envisioned living here was a guy who was really into horror and literature.  He writes for a living, but also entertains enough that his place needs to be functional for both.  Enter the small-ish patio with that amazing grill from the Jungle Adventures Pack and the half wall between the kitchen and living space.

03-19-18_9-55-12 AM-2

He’s still a single dude, so there’s a bit of clutter and mess, dishes sitting around, strategically placed lotions…you get the idea.

03-11-18_3-38-32 PM-2

Because of the Goth theme, I used a lot of Halloween based content.  The walls and floors I made dark and dated. There are pops of color here and there, but only to offset the black furniture and tiles.  I used candles for lighting and skeletons and skulls for decor.

03-19-18_9-55-53 AM-2

He’s a writer, so there’s a computer, music nearby, and a pad and pen right by the bed for quick note taking.  

03-11-18_3-38-41 PM-2

Geeky items include a record player that has a talk radio station on it, the piles and piles of books in the corners and in the hall, and the fact that most of the seating is arranged around the video games.  

03-19-18_9-55-35 AM-2

The pictures over the desk are references to the trilogy His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman.  The pictures over the bed are all references to classic horror movies as well. I got both sets of pop culture artwork from Tumblr.  You can find links to these and the rest of the custom content down at the bottom of the blog.

03-11-18_3-32-57 PM-2.jpg

I wanted to convey that he was a well rounded person, so I tossed in some house plants and herbs on the patio.  That spilling green plant — the masterpiece of the Jungle Adventures additions — was added to the interior because it’s dramatic and over the top, which seems appropriate for a goth geek writer.  It’s also beautiful, and I want to look at it all day long.

03-11-18_3-31-38 PM-2.jpg

Finally, I made it a studio apartment to keep with the starter theme.  That, and it was fun to peruse the internet and piece together a layout based on interior design photos I found.  I imagine that this guy grinding out short stories, poems, and critical analyses of Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. This place seems like the best environment for a guy like that.

03-19-18_9-56-13 AM-2.jpg

I’ll upload this to the Gallery as a room for any who might want to download it.  You can find it by searching for LadySnessa or Goth Geek Apartment.  I used the hashtags #customcontent #goth #geek and #apartment

03-19-18_10-00-35 AM-2.jpg

Okay, now to content links bit. I can’t promise that everything is in there, but I did my best to get it all.  Also, I am not responsible for any viruses that end up on your computer as the result from downloading any of this.

03-19-18_10-00-02 AM-2.jpg

CC Links:

Indigo (bedroom):

Indigo Add-on:

Shinokcr Bathroom Pottery Barn:

Peacemaker IC Mid Century Abode:

His Dark Materials:

Cherry-sims Backsplash:

Tatschu Rugs:

Tatschu Pictures:

BuffSums Halloween 2017:

BuffSums Halloween 2017 Clutter:

Halloween 2015:

BuffSumm Retro Office: ttp://

Pulp & Classic Horror (walls):

Xyra Ubai Set Study:

Plumbobteasociety Rustic Romance:

Gardening Foyer Plants:

That’s the Spirit Living Room set:

Kardofe Cookware:

Kardofe Art Studio:

Virgo Bedroom:

Gothic Decor:

DOT Rock and Pillow Set:

Sims 4 Speed Build: Writer's Base Game Starter Home by LadySnessa of Snessa Family Games.
Sims 4, speed build

Sims 4 Speed Build: Writer’s Base Game Starter Home

Sims 4 Writer's Base Game Starter Home. You can download this in the gallery. #sims4 #ladysnessa

Hello!  Welcome to Snessa Family Game’s blog.  This is where I talk about videos that we’ve posted to the channel.  Today’s video features a starter home for writers.  It’s the first in a series I’ve started, called the Base Game Starters Series.  

01-05-18_11-08-22 AM

There are two parts of the series.  Part one is to build a home for less than 20,000 Simoleans that is customized to a skill and/or career path in the game.  I use base game build/buy materials only so that everyone can just download and go, regardless of their specific stuff collections.

01-05-18_11-07-49 AM

The other series will be homes that are built with the same skill in mind, but there’s no budget and I can go crazy using CC and game packs.  I’ll provide a list of the CC I use for each build, probably in the video description, definitely in the complimentary blog.

01-05-18_11-09-00 AM

I’m also planning on starting a renovation series after I get this one underway.  If you’ve got a house, room, apartment, or lot you want to see me redo, leave a comment telling me where to find it and I’ll go check it out.  You can find this house in the Sims Gallery by searching for LadySnessa or using #basegame or #starter.  

01-05-18_11-07-36 AM.jpg

Anyway, the basic idea of the writer’s base game starter build was that someone just starting out a career in writing wouldn’t necessarily have a lot of start-up capital.  So, the house is a bit dated (orange and mint green in the kitchen, woo!). There’s a small amount of shabby landscaping, and a few basics inside, but otherwise the house is a blank slate.

01-05-18_11-10-05 AM

There’s no tv.  This helps with the budget, and with the narrative that a productive writer might find television distracting.  There is a computer and a radio so that the Sim can listen to music while writing. This lets them write longer without getting stressed out.  There’s also a chess table in the bedroom so that stress moodlets can be cured quickly. I know they could just play games on the computer, but who it just seems awful to spend the whole day working at a computer and then have that as the only entertainment in the house.

01-05-18_11-10-39 AM.jpg

To further help with skill development, the lot traits have been set to Private Dwelling, and Fast Internet.  That way you can just drop a loner Sim in and let them get to work. Finally, I left a copy of Volume 1 of the writing skill book on the counter, to jump start the Sim’s skill.

01-05-18_11-11-38 AM.jpg

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.  There will definitely be more. I have like 10 pre-recorded while I work out kinks and learn the process of video editing.  Next week will be the other version of a writer’s pad: The Goth Geek Studio Apartment. It’s crazy cool.

01-05-18_11-15-19 AM.jpg

If you download this house and play with it in the game, let me know.  It would be cool to see how you renovated it to fit with your gameplay.  Drop a comment down below with some pics of the house in action.
01-05-18_11-15-27 AM

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.  Until next time!

Maine Cabin front view
Sims 4, speed build

Sims 4 Speed Build: Maine Cabin

For this speed build, I chose the Granite Falls vacation map in the Sims 4 because the giant pines reminded me of the forests in Maine.  One of the things I love about living here is the cabin culture.  Trees grow with abundance and ease, and Mainers have always been industrious and self sufficient.  The rustic tones of the architecture reflect both practicality and a working relationship with the land and its resources, something that I think many find very grounding.

Maine Cabin front viewThe Cabin Concept

To capture a rich, earthy atmosphere, I went with dark woods and the most quintessential cabin green for the outer doors and some accent windows.  This is a vacation home that is rented in the game, so I wanted to keep the cost down while making it cool still.

It’s camp, so the aesthetic really needs to incorporate an element of second hand.  Like, the new towels, dishes, couch, etc go in the house and the old ones go up to camp.  Even shabby can look good, though and the balance for this house was to make it look cramped and used but still give the impression that you could relax while you’re there.

Snessa Family Games Sims 4 Speed Build

Well, okay, while your Sim is there.  I do realize that real people won’t be staying in the house.  It’s just part of the fun to envision a story behind the things I build in the game.  The improved and simplified build tools in the Sims 4 has opened up this whole new aspect of the game for me, and it’s really tickling my storytelling urges.

But I digress.  The point is, the people who I imagine would own this cabin are not the type of people to let practicality erode their style.  Look, for example, to the front porch to see the simple ways in which the house is dressed up.  Even the most modest abodes come with nice porches in this state.  So, the front porch seemed like a great place to set up a quiet, semi-private place.  A few tasteful plants subtly draw your attention to the bench, which then encourages you to sit and enjoy the view.  It’s a quiet corner for the introvert to find solace, or to sneak in a few minutes of making out.

The Interior

Should you chose, for the time being, to use the porch simply to enter the house, you’d find yourself in the main room of the cabin.  The room has a mostly open floor plan but is broken up by the stairs into a kitchen and living area.  Directly inside the front door is the living room.Snessa Family Gaming

The dark wood is continued in the paneling inside, but the lighter floors eliminate any sense of gloom.  The furniture is intentionally rustic: plaids, wood, antiques.

Actually, the layout of this space was specifically inspired by a real estate listing I found online.  It doesn’t seem appropriate to share the link here, because it’s someone actual home, but the arrangement of the furniture was an effort to recreate that home’s staging.  That’s why there’s a TV on a dresser.  The picture above the TV was included as a nod to Maine’s historic dependency on water and forests for their industries. Living Room Maine Cabin Sims 4

Here’s another angle of the living room, from over the small dining area.  To the left is the kitchen and directly behind the camera view is the bathroom.  Looking at this shot, I can see that I should have added some lighting to the back wall by the ship, but alas, I did not.  But from this angle, you can see the love seat, which is once again arranged specifically with a real cabin in mind.  I included the storage tub in the corner because it’s a vacation home, so the people showing up for vacation are going to need to bring their essentials with them.  The idea is that they show up and dump the tub by the door as they arrive.

It’ll need to be cleaned up within minutes of anyone actually playing the house, but I also added a used coffee cup to the table.  Like, whoever stayed here before you didn’t quite clean up all the way.  This little detail is a bit of a nod to my grandma, who always left her coffee cups around.  It was most common to find hers in the microwave, but this was the closest I could get in game.

Snessa Family Games Speed Builds in Sims 4

Here’s a screenshot from over by the TV.  You can see the stairs breaking up the room, a bit of the kitchen, and the back door.  The stairs and the kitchen were really hard to get right because the space was small and the loft above limited where the stairs could go.  This solution was hard to come by, but ultimately used the meager space very cleverly.  Like, I wanted a back porch that was meant to be the part of the main hub of entertainment, but I couldn’t find a place to put the kitchen, let alone a back door.  Putting the door in the tiny space left behind the stairs ended up being a really efficient use of the space.

Snessa Family Games

It wasn’t easy to get screenshots of the bathroom.  In the Sims 4, you can drop some of the walls to help see the house more clearly.  It’s very useful for gameplay, but I try to avoid doing that when doing the screenshots.  I like the images to be as immersive as possible — we’re telling a story, after all — but it just wasn’t possible for the camera to get into that small space with all the walls up.

So, in the first shot, you see the toilet, sink and artwork on the walls, but in the second the wall beside the toilet is cut out.  It sort of diminishes the effect of the finished bathroom, but it also allows the camera to shoot the bathroom from the living room.

Ah, the sacrifices involved in making a cabin earn its cozy qualifier.  Hahaha!

The video of this speed build really demonstrates how much I struggled with the kitchen of this house.  But once I got things arranged, I was able to have a really good time utilizing cheats I had just learned and adding clutter to make the cabin look a bit more authentic.  A couple of the cheats specific to the Sims 4 build mode include move objects and show hidden objects.  The show hidden objects cheat is how I was able to place the used coffee cup on the table (and also why it will start to stink and need to be cleaned up once the house goes into live mode).


I used these cheats to unlock things like the bottle of flavor, which I think is vanilla extract, that is in the back corner by the dishes.  By the way, how cool is that dish rack?  It’s in the game — not from a cheat — but it’s one of my favorite clutter items.

Anyway, I also used the cheats to lift the pots and pans up to the top of the refrigerator.  The measuring cup next to the cook books may also one of the hidden objects.02-08-17_1-08-53-pm

I also like how you can see the porch out the window.  The Sims really lends itself well to great screenshots.

02-08-17_1-14-20-pmThe last part of the interior to explore is the loft.  There’s only one sleeping space in the cabin, so privacy isn’t really an option.  The idea came from a cabin my husband stayed in once.  He slept in a room that had lots of beds and really low ceilings.  Like sleeping in the rafters.  I kind of liked the idea that you don’t go to camp for privacy, you go to exhaust yourself outside and then go to sleep.  So, I added a double bed for the adults, a dresser for storage, and some minimal lighting.  At the last minute I added a lantern and a book case for rainy day entertainment, because cozy isn’t comfortable if everyone is bored and crammed in together.

The mounted fish were a delightful find from the hidden objects cheat.  I think in the game you can catch fish and then send them away to get them mounted, but the cheat lets all the options show up in buy mode, so I went crazy.  There aren’t antlers or bear rugs in the game, so this was the only hunting inspired decor available.  Each one has a confidence mood boost that you can turn out, so the potential to feel awesome in this bedroom is quite high.02-08-17_1-14-02-pm

I also used the move objects cheat to make these bunk beds.  I’ve since learned that the camping beds I used often have monsters under them.  At night, tentacles will come out from under the bed and wiggle a bunch.  Not sure if it will work if there are no kids on the lot though.  The kid I had with me when I found out about this feature was the one who seemed to notice them.  It would be very interesting to see if there are tentacles coming out of that top bed at any point.

Where the Magic Happens


Back down and under the stairs is the back door, which leads to the back yard.  This is the best part of the whole property.

The back porch is large and meant for entertaining, at least yourselves.  There’s a bunch of landscaping around the house and yard, but it has a neglected feel to it meant to indicate age, but also because plants thrive in Maine and plants can get overgrown between visits.  Also, it’s a bit of an homage to how lazy I am with my own yard.


Here’s a better view of the back deck.  There’s an area for grilling and eating.  There’s also a nice little seating area off to the side that is sort of a coffee nook.  The idea that a loving couple would sit and sip coffee together as the sun comes up is terrifically romantic to me.  I can see them grabbing a few seconds of peace before the kids (and maybe grandkids) start wandering out, rubbing the sleep from their eyes.  02-08-17_1-03-13-pm

The white building up against the far side of the porch is a wood shed.  No cabin in the Maine woods is complete without some wood for the fire.  Below is a view of the yard from the very back of the property.  Since there is so little room inside, the back yard is set up to be enticing, day or night.  I thought about adding fishing pond, but there wasn’t room.

Snessa Family Games Sims 4 Speed Build Maine Cabin

The Plants

One of the areas of the Sims 4 that I’m the newest to is the landscaping.  I’ve plunked plants down for my Sims before, but I’ve never really taken the time to plan or ask myself why the plants are there or even how they would look in different situations.  For example, how would the landscaping look if a person owned the property, but rarely visited it?  How would that change if the property was being rented frequently?

I decided that this house would have pretty decent landscaping that was a bit overgrown and under tended.  However, it wouldn’t be left to take over the yard or, in general, run amok, because the house has to feel used and welcoming.  At least not abandoned.  So I went with a bunch of cluttered plants around the porch and side yards.  Then I included signs of wear in the high traffic areas of the yard.

There’s a tree in a planter box, to encourage gardening.  This admittedly does take advantage of the fact that public plants don’t die from neglect in the Sims.  There just needed to be a little extra entertainment in the yard, and there is little as grounding and connected to nature as gardening.02-08-17_1-01-52-pm

Here’s a pulled back shot of the side of the yard.  I wanted to show the layers of trees, ground plants and boulders.


Here’s a different angle of that same side of the yard.  The boulders were added by using rocks and sizing them up with the [ and ] keys.  I added lots of them because Maine’s soil is super young, and we are at the tip of the Appalachian Mountains, so there are tons of glacier-smoothed boulders jutting out of the ground.


So that’s house.  Thanks to the simplified building tools, the Sims 4 has been a source of powerful inspiration for not just the visual artist in me, but also the story teller.  If you want to check out the speed build videos for this build, head on over to the YouTube channel.  It’s a two part video, so check out both halves.


Staycation Station Snessa Family Games
Sims 4, speed build

Sims 4 Speed Build: Staycation Station


I made my first speed build video in the Sims 4.  The sounds a little harsh on the voice-over work, but I’m still learning about this whole process and I’m struggling a little bit with the audio aspect.  There are just hours of video that we’ve made that have had terrible audio issues.  So, yeah.  This one is at least tolerable to listen to, and I’m really proud of the build itself, so it’s up.  We’ll only improve from here!!

Anyway, here’s the video.  Enjoy!

There should be a blog of some sort about the build as well.  I’ll link to it here when I’m done with it.  That way, the audio won’t keep you from the glory of the house.  Hahaha!!

Check back for more Sims 4 builds, as well as Let’s Plays.  I’ve got one, Gidget Lucille, started (see home page for part 1), but another one is on the way.  I got really creative on the next one, too.

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Roblox Let’s Play: Robot Factory Tycoon

Today’s Let’s Play blog is going to feature a really cool game we found in Roblox called Robot Factory Tycoon.

For those of you who don’t know, Roblox is a website geared for kids that you can visit, create an avatar, and play tons of custom made games online.  Check it out here:

There are lots of different types of games on the site: obby courses, speed runs, role playing, survive the disaster, tycoons, etc.

One of our favorite types of game to play together are the tycoons.  With these games, you’re usually building a themed factory.  You earn money to buy upgrades.  Upgrade the conveyor belt and buy dispensers to earn money faster.

Roblox Robot Factory Tycoon
The robot heads to the left are the “product” that earns you money in the game.

Buy stands, weapons and gear.

Gear stands to the left and back of building as well as on upper floors.

Upgrade walls, windows, and doors to keep other players (or your son) from walking in and testing their gear on you.

Roblox Let's Play: Robot Factory Tycoon
Like this.

It’s pretty fun.  And this particular map was especially gorgeous.

Snessa Family Gaming
The glowing trees and the rocky shore with the lake look amazing.

By default, each player has a giant fist in their inventory.  It’s really useful for walking around the map faster.Snessa Family Games

There were other weapons and suits that you could unlock, but the fist was my favorite.  You could punch someone to pieces with one blow, which made defending the factory much easier.  I tried on a few other items, but my hair clipped through a lot of them.


This one is my favorite combo, though.

Roblox robot suit and giant fist

One of the best parts of this tycoon setup was the money bags laying around.  Starting out is slow going because you only get one machine to make money with.  A lot of the tycoon games put a button on this first machine that you can spam on to crank out some cash, but this is actually pretty hard on the ol’ arms.  The money bags was a great solution.  No arm shattering spamming, plenty of reasons to explore the map, plenty of opportunities to interact with other players without being annoying in their factories, and the bags pay enough to be worth the time to go gather them up.

Gaming with the Snessa Family
Guarding a money bag so TornadMadness can snag it.

When you get the bag, it gives you a random amount of cash and all these dollar signs float around you.  It’s a pretty good effect.

Mom and son killing it at video games.
Perfectly timed screenshot: getting the cash and giant fist bumps.

I won’t reveal all the features of the game, but I will say this: There’s a rocket ship.

And you don’t have to wait very long to get it.  And if you play using Robux (in game money you have to pay real money to get) there’s a secret zone you can unlock.  We didn’t end up buying it, but someone in our server did. He guarded it well when we tried to sneak up there, so we didn’t see much.

You can check out this Roblox tycoon by following this link: Robot Factory Tycoon

TornadoMadness blasting off to a super secret section of the map.

Have you played this map?  We’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below with your impression of the game.  You can also check us out on our YouTube channel Snessa Family Games for more Let’s Play adventures in Roblox and many other games.